Non Profit Organization

Girls' Entrepreneurship Skills Program

In Uganda, there is increasing numbers of school dropout rates of girls and child marriages due to poverty that their families are facing, Covid-19 made it worse. Such as trend is not only dangerous for the girls’ health, but also their life and future at large (Dr. Akhter during a girls economic & financial management empowernment function) 1 of 4 girls who graduate Primary Education proceed for Secondary education (Unicef and Uganda, country action plan 2016 – 2020)

Solution to the Problem

  • Training vocational skills to these girls to achieve economic self reliance able to support themselves, their families and community at large 
  • Building self esteem during trainings 
  • Talking to parents and guardians to support and encourage girls to succeed

Proposed Trainings

  • Fashion and design (tailoring)
  • Hair styling and braiding 
  • Knitting & embroidery
  • Interior & External decoration
  • Neck less making, earrings, table mats, bead products.
  • Making craft shoes, bags, bangles, jewel boxes, money passes and rings 

How we hope to deliver trainings

  • Outside sourcing and partnership with those experienced in the proposed trainings.
  • Affiliation of our training Centre to licensed experienced institutions to guide and award certified academic documents after trainees graduation

Proposed Major Equipment

  • Fashion and design equipment tailoring Machine @ 142 USD (2 way manual and electrical)
  • Hair styling and braiding 3 Driers @ 142 USD
  • 5 Saloon chairs ordinary @ 84 USD
  • 10 Hair Dummies both artificial and natural @ 56 USD
  • Knitting and embroidery – to be introduced later 
  • The rest of trainings listed above, materials summarised at total cost of 1,400 USD

Training Duration & Costs

  • 3 months term, thrice a year for 2 years
  • Payment of 3 trainers @ 200USD Monthly