Non Profit Organization


  1. To provide a school curriculum that complies with the requirements of the ministry of education and sports and the Uganda national curriculum center and the Uganda national examination board.
  2. To provide an education that is a source of spiritual growth, with a Christian ethic and a call to action.
  3. To expand the provision of education service to the orphans and other vulnerable children, their care givers, families or households.
  4. To provide an environment that involves both the poor and the rich parents in the educational development of the children both at school and at home.
  5. To provide an education that fosters children’s interests to learn and develop a positive approach to life.
  6. To support the very poor parents and guardians to take their children to school at a cheap affordable fee as long as they are willing to buy a book of 200 Uganda shillings an a pen.
  7. To provide an education that is intellectually challenging and leads to students exhibiting their maximum potential academically.
  8. To develop an education that is a source of personal growth, self-worth and cultural identity.
  9. To provide an education where children become interactive, ambitious and self-directed.
  10. To develop an education that stimulates teaching and class room activities.
  11. To develop an environment where children mature through making relationship and balanced relationship growth.
  12. To provide education that enables children to become flexible in all areas of life and become responsible and compassionate citizens in all parts of the world.
  13. To develop an environment that creates children’s critical thinking and exemplary in each language skill.
  14. To provide an environment that supports the individual needs and talents.
  15. To provide an education style that enables the young generation to succeed in the world of innovation as they fit in the society.
  16. To sensitize the young people about the drivers of child vulnerability that reflects the level of socio-economic development such as HIV and AIDS, poverty etc.
  17. To raise awareness and advocate for the supportive environment for orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC), with different partners around the world.
  18. To promote and advocate the girl child education, participation and promoting gender equity in the school that will affect men and women in the provision of different services in the country.
  19. To provide education that reveals children the benefit of learning by experience and sharing real life skills in the environment.